Wellington Skin Clinic

For the early detection and treatment of skin cancers

Wellington Skin Clinic (WSC) is based at Inglis Medical Centre.

We offer

  • Full skin examination including dermoscopy
  • Full body photography/mole mapping
  • Skin lesions removal surgery
  • Cryotherapy

What is a skin check?

Your doctor will discuss with you about your skin cancer risks followed by a comprehensive skin examination of the whole body.

Skin check History

If you are concerned about any skin spots on your body you may take a photo or mark the spot beforehand to discuss further with your doctor.

Please complete the questionnaire sent to you before your appointment.

Your doctor will also ask about:

  • Information about your past sun exposure including your work and hobbies.
  • If you had any previous skin cancers removed and confirmed on histopathology.
  • Your family history of skin cancers particularly history of confirmed melanoma in a first degree relative.
  • Your medical conditions and medication you take, including over the counter medications.
  • Any past visit to a solarium.
  • History of excessive sunburn with blistering.

Please also inform your doctor if you had any previous surgical complications including overgrown or discoloured scars.

Before you arrive for a skin check:

Make sure your skin is clean

No make-up or lipstick

No fake tan, nail polish or artificial nails

No recent or active sunburn

Please ensure you do not have recent or active sunburn before the skin examination as it may change the features of skin spots.

Skin check consultation:

For a full skin examination requires maximum skin exposure in bright light. You will be assessed while in your undergarments (underwear for men and bra and underwear for women) If you are concerned about any spot on the skin which is not exposed during the examination, please discuss with your doctor.

The Doctor will do a visual examination as well as a dermoscopy examination of your skin spots.Dermoscopy is a high magnification skin examination tool which allows detailed assessment of a spot. Magnified photos will be taken for any spots of concern. The images are stored at the Dermengine, a cloud-based software tool. All images are stored securely in the server in Australia. You may also be able to access your images.

Full body Photography (FBP)

You can also choose to have full body photography or your doctor may advise you to have FBP if your skin is considered high risk. Full body photography (FBP) or total body mole mapping a series of total body images which are then stored in a database .

Early detection of skin cancers is key to reduce your risk and beat the skin cancers. The Dermengine full body photography system uses artificial intelligence for skin spots monitoring. Regular skin check and FBP can provide early detection of skin cancers.

Skin lesions removal surgery

We have experienced doctors and surgical specialists supported by experienced clinical Nurses offer a variety of procedures for removal of skin lesions.